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Over the past years we have been commissioned some wonderful bespoke projects that we love to share with you. Should you have an idea for a special collaboration with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch and drop us a line at

Hermès NYC and Munich

We were asked to design a special gift by both Hermès Munich and Hermès NYC and we created some elegant Pegasus horses as well as a quirky cat-reindeer to hang as ornaments in the Christmas tree.

Petit H, Hermès

Over a period of five years we designed a series of unique and poetic art pieces that were made with scrap materials – leather or porcelain – by the artisanal people of the atelier of petit h in Paris. The designs travelled the world to ephemeral and exclusive sales exhibitions in the flagship stores of Hermes in either New York, Taiwan, London, Rome, Shanghai and further…

Grand Train, SNCF

We were asked to create a collection of pop out cards inspired by the most iconic French landscapes, from the riviera to the snowy mountains and from Paris to the Elzas. The pop out cards are sold in the stores of Grand Train, SNCF.

The King’s Menagerie

The Réunion des Musées Nationaux is a French cultural umbrella organisation that asked us to design and make a pop out and play game for children to bring the famous menagerie of the Château de Versailles to life.